Where it all started

It all started when a friend of ours decided to use a pair of glasses that his grandpa had given him years ago before he passed away. Not only was it a beautiful pair of glasses, but it had so many memories of great sentimental value attached to it.  All he had to do was to change the lenses on this frame so that it would match his prescription…..easy, right? 

He soon found out that it wasn’t so easy! Most places required him to buy new frames if they were to make him new lenses.  And the few places he found that would normally change out the lenses for him, they either refused to work on this old and delicate frame, or they would charged an arm and a leg.

As it turns out, old grandpa’s glasses passed down to us is not the only time we might want lenses changed out without buying a new frame. For instance, when your lens is scratched or broken, or when your prescription changes, it would be nice to be able to change out the lenses at a reasonable price, while keeping the frame.


Afshin, who has had a lens crafting business for 20 years, came to his friend’s help and fixed the lenses on his frame. 

However, this was when Afshin and Vince decided to start a business to put an end, once and for all, to such a predicament that anyone out there might be having.

With a conviction to quality, and with years of experience in the field, and a genuine desire to help the people around, Lens On Us © was born.

Here at Lens On Us © we are dedicated to satisfying our customers. We know that you want high quality lenses for your glasses, while you prefer not to get charged outrageous sums of money. While most companies compromise quality when trying to offer competitive prices, we took a different approach: we have decided to develop lean and efficient processes so that we can justify great prices while keeping the quality impeccable. 

In short, with Lens On Us © you will get more with less!; that is, More Quality with Less Money!


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